Okay, so I’ve covered this before, but I reserve the right to restate anything I’ve written before. So…

I’m more of a loner than I ever could have appreciated as a young man; for then, although I remember feeling different from the majority, I felt I had no option other than to follow the lead of others, simply because… well, because it’s what you do, isn’t it? You follow the leader, follow the crowd, which at that point in life, is the only authority needed. All rather simple really, at least in my particular sub-culture, where introversion and extroversion were yet to be invented; thus the introvert types who didn’t strive to display extrovert behaviours, especially the mass-participation kind, were perceived as shy, anti-social, miserable, or often downright weird. Okay, I can’t deny I can be anti-social, miserable and even have moments of “weirdness”, but none of it is to do with my introversion. Right?

I’m glad that’s settled.