It’s all too easy to take life and ourselves too seriously. For this reason I recommend engaging, at least occasionally, in the age-old regime of silliness.

Daftness, as a discipline is broad. There are, and never have been, hard and fast rules as to what constitutes, “acting the pratt”; but as a general rule of thumb, it steers clear of the clever, being nothing if not: an antidote against the dangers of intellectualism; a cure for pomposity; a salve to steer us clear of arrogance; and a needle to prick the bubble of vanity.

Phlappat, phlippet, badoing!

In this all too serious world, silliness acts as a safety-valve to release health-damaging tension. I use it to counteract my tendencies to slip into pretentiousness, often seen on this very blog.


A typical ‘silly’ I use throughout the day is to substitute, “furry muff”, for the phrase, “fair enough”. And recently I’ve taken to thinking of my lunchtime fare as, “sand wedges”, or, “sang widges” (Children know, understand, and revel in this kind of “silly”). So…

Remember, for the sake of your physical health and your sanity, don’t take life too seriously; come on, you know it makes sense, don’t laugh…. I’m serious!