The weekend sucks like a [insert the figurative word or phrase of your choice]. The weekdays suck too but that’s mainly due to work. And in any case, the current Saturday evening suckiness outsucks all other sucky days by a factor of ten… easily. If I had to quantify its suction power I’d equate it to a hundred whores giving head with each receiving a substantial bonus for showing eagerness and enthusiasm. Added up, that’s some mega-sucking!

There is some good news though. I had the compelling desire to delete this site but somehow, I didn’t. Those of you who know me of old will appreciate what a display of personal growth this is. Had this desire occurred 12 months ago I’d have done the deed faster than Britney Spears removes her knickers in a nightclub. Hurrah for Don!

I love the idea of re-inventing myself though. For a moment, let’s just forget all the bullshit spoken about loving ourselves and being happy with who we are. We don’t always feel that way, do we? Okay, I know, I know, not so long ago I spoke of how gorgeous I am… but that was then. Gorgeosity is relative. When the bowels are emptied, the body rested, and you’re basking in the aftermath of the first shag you’ve had for a while, you’re bound to feel well disposed towards the whole world including yourself (although I suspect a critical component is having Uranus in line with some other stuff, but I have no expertise in that area). So recently, falling short in one or more of those critical areas (mind your own business) I’ve been feeling a tad below par. And it’s then re-invention seems like a good idea; in theory at least. In practice though, I’ve found, when push comes to shove, I begin a new blog and am surprised to find it’s still me, pouring out the same old stuff. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to shake myself off. Dammit!

So here I am, on this silent Saturday evening, assessing the suckitude of my situation, and the sadness of my predicament – I must be the only person on the planet with nothing to do but sit at a computer, and bang on about how shite everything is.

By the way, thanks all of you who expressed concern for Ratz, my little mongrel who’s currently indisposed due to illness. I’ve passed on your kind words and he says, ‘Rrrrrowf!’. Translated this means, “I’ll still bite you, you bastards if you get too close to me, cos I’m a grumpy old fucker!”. Well… I told you he’s an arsehole.